Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Weekend

I plan on having a good weekend. Well, after I have four kids all day tomorrow. I am going to take them to the park and my office to see the Halloween decorations and then out to eat with the mother of the other two during her lunch break. Should not be too bad.
I am making a promise to myself not to do ANY house cleaning tomorrow (other than the beds). I don't want to exhaust myself for the rest of the weekend. We have a soccer game, a shrimp festival to go to and some birthday celebrating to do.. since mine is Monday. I will be coming to work on Monday (I usually take the day off). I love to have people tell me happy birthday all day long. I am not ashamed to publicly announce that it is my birthday, no matter what my age. I also think I should be taken out to lunch several times next week.


Lacy Rose said...

demand cheesecake! The baby wants cheesecake! :)

The Mrs. said...

Have a great birthday!