Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Our nanny brought the monkeys by my office this morning, along with the other two children she takes care of. They insisted on putting their halloween costumes on and were just the cutest while they were here. We had to take some computer pictures of course:
My Mr. Incredible

My Superman

We had a theme apparently. I am planning on slicking Superman's hair back tomorrow. They expected candy from everyone at work!
I can't wait until tomorrow, my mom is coming to surprise them. She is dressing up in a costume and coming to trick or treat at our door. They will love it.


Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

They are pretty darn cute!

Anna said...

the cutest superheros i've seen in a while! very adorable!

Ashley said...


The Mrs. said...

They look great!! I also had a Mr. Incredible. Superheros were very popular this year. In my oldest's daycare class, there were 2 batmen and 1 batgirl!