Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a nice weekend here at Casa Banana. Busy, but enjoyable. I can not say it enough, I love my 3 day weekends. I don't know if I will ever be able to go back to 5 eight hour days at work versus 4 ten hour days.
The monkeys and I ran some errands Friday, which included going to the Walmart Neighborhood Market to try out grocery shopping. I usually go to SuperTarget, but had the bad idea of trying out the market. The monkeys were incredibly well behaved, which is surprising considering they usually go nuts as soon as we enter a Walmart. I will be returning to my wonderful SuperTarget though. Walmart did not have everything I needed, and I spent a considerable amount more than I would have at SuperTarget without everything on my list (or the temptation of Target Clearance items).
We cleaned a bit over the weekend, but just really did some relaxing and fun stuff. Big monkey had a soccer game Saturday morning. I was very proud of him, he did not sit on the field once, or chase a single dragonfly (they are really bad right now and I find myself watching them). I did offer a reward if he participated and stayed upright the entire 3 quarters he played. It was a very intense and aggressive game! I was incredibly shocked at the size of the other team (hello China - can we borrow a doctored birth certificate?!?). But no one got hurt.
We all camped in the backyard Saturday night to see how the monkeys would do on a real camping excursion. The monkeys had a blast and big monkey insisted on doing it again that very next night. Mommy's back and the fact that I had to pee all night just was not going for that. It was fun to watch them though. Little monkey was a bit nervous, or so I gathered since he slept nearly on top of me all night. We got a little wet from the dew and the boys thought that was hilarious.
Sunday I opted to take only little monkey to mass. Big monkey had a stuffy nose so he got to stay home and be lazy. It was nice spending some alone time with the little guy. It never fails, he poots every time we are in church.
I got my 6 mile run in, it was a nice leisurely run. My husband had dinner fixed for us when we were finished, a girl could get spoiled.
Now, back to reality. I am starving, have to pee, barely fitting into any of my clothes. Pregnancy suits me!!

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