Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Monkey

Friday, October 17th is my baby's 4th birthday. I can not believe he is growing up so fast right in front of me. I wanted to follow along in bloggy world style and write a little about my first born:

Dearest Big Monkey,

Four years ago you came into your daddy's and my lives and you took your time about it. You were on your terms and no other terms! Mommy was in labor for 2 days before going into the hospital. Another 24 hours of labor later and 4 hours of pushing, mommy decided you could come into the world via c-section. It was not the way we had planned, but I was ready to meet you and was exhausted.
So there you were, my wonderful perfect little boy. Amazing in every way, and you still are. I am amazed everyday by the immense love I feel for you, how smart you are, how caring you are. You are the first to notice when I have had a haircut, or am the cranky mommy. You love to be my snuggle bunny at night still, and I dread the day this stops. You are so much like your mommy in so many ways. We both lack the enthusiasm for mornings, are know-it-alls, and enjoy an extremely organized day. You are the best big brother ever, always looking out for Little monkey and anyone else "smaller" than you. I love watching you take charge of situations, even at your young age. I love how you can sit and read for ages in your room at night. I love how you will just crawl onto my lap when I am sitting down and tell me I am the best mommy ever and not even want anything in return but a hug. You are my special big monkey. My first born. The little man I am learning things from every day. You will always have an extra special place in my heart since you were the first. Be patient with me as I grow as a mommy and as a person with every new stage in your precious life. You have changed our lives in so many positive ways, and I am so thankful to God for you.
Happy Birthday Big Monkey! Mommy Loves You!!

Brand new to the world, with daddy.

So sweet!

Always the funny guy!!


amy said...

That is a beautiful letter to your son. He is adorable, I love his curly hair.

Ally said...

Happy Birthday!!

Hi Shanna, I found your blog through SashaSays. I think I'll be stopping by more often, your boys are adorable! :o)

The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday to Big Monkey!

Lori said...

That was so sweet. Love the last picture, but oh I am not looking forward to those days when my own baby wants to learn to feed himself.

Sus said...

Happy Birthday!
Four seems so OLD, doesn't it?? I can't imagine being there ourselves in less than a year.