Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Littlest Monkey appointment Week 14

Just got back from my doctor's appointment. It went well, eventually. I peed in the cup, stood on the scale (yay for gaining a bit of weight), had blood drawn, and laid on the table to hear the heartbeat. 10 minutes of searching for the VERY stubborn child later, and no heartbeat still. Okay, by this time I am panicking. This is something that happened with little monkey, but we were only 11 weeks along and it is not uncommon. But we are 14 weeks along here and there should be SOMETHING!! So my wonderful doctor tried to calm me telling me that my uterus was growing, no problems were occurring, we would take a look with the ultrasound. I peed again and then hopped on another table. Right away she found the heartbeat, yippee! But don't you just hate the serious looks ultrasound techs have when they are clicking and typing and pointing?!?! I thought I would throw up. I have been feeling a bit small this go around and it started making me panicky. But then I got to see the newest monkey and that heavenly feeling came just like with the other two. Little fingers scrunched up in fists by the face, nose profile, itty bitty feet, heinie, and fluttering of the heart. Just. Amazing. Loved it.
So, everything is fine. No visible markers for any complications at this point. Just a very stubborn baby, or shy! She said she could not tell the sex yet. There was no visible penis but it is early still. I told her I have two boys already and she looked harder trying to figure out the sex. But nothing. Oh, well. I am just so relieved and ecstatic that things turned out well and I got a sneak peak and some pictures!
I can't imagine not feeling completely blessed about this baby. I thank God every day for giving me the pleasure of being a mommy to three little monkeys.


Anna said...

I know what you mean, watching that heart beat is the best feeling in the world.
You are due 2 weeks before me, so this should be fun to compare stories huh?

Shanna said...

Yes. Congratulations!

Lacy Rose said...

So awesome. With Leyton my doc could never find the HB either. I would seriously start shaking and break out in a sweat. He had this handydandy portable sonogram thing that he always pulled out. I think the looks I gave him when leyton wouldnt cooperate scared him. LOL.

Hurrah for being 14 weeks. It so seems like time is flying! Your almost halfway!!!
You=pregnant for 2 weeks.
Me=pregnant for 2 decades!

Connie said...

Great news! I was thinking about you all day!

Connie said...

I just tagged you with a fun meme! You will like this one....I promise!


Ally said...

So exciting! Glad to hear baby is growing strong, have you choosen any names yet?

Heather said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful. :)