Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lovely, Lovely

Oh lovely fall weather, how I love thee! I just got back from my run in the park. The weather has finally started to cool off here on the Gulf Coast. We have highs in the lower 80's and the sun is not so hot. It makes for lovely daydreaming runs. I am SOOOO glad to be done with the gym (partly since I will do some strength training there). I just love to get outside and feel the sunshine on my shoulders. It is also good that I get off the treadmill and onto some hills since Atlanta seems to be much hillier than I thought. Being pregnant, I should really say I am jogging. I feel so slow, like I am barely doing more than a walk, but it is for the best. I do think I will be ordering a baby belly support very soon. I could feel it getting heavier as each mile passed. I tried one on the other day and I wish I could get away with wearing it all of the time (pregnant or not)! You don't have to suck anything in, it does it for you.


Lori said...

I shouldn't read blog posts out of order, I was like what? your just going to sneak the whold pregnancy thing in like that? Then I read the previous 2 posts.
Anyway, good for you still running, I am partially jelous, but parially not, I quit at 8 weeks and I'm really glad I did because I was SOOOO tired and felt like I was having to run so slow to keep my HR where it should be, which made my runs even longer.
So I know how you feel. When's the race?

Shanna said...

The race is November 16th. I have not had too much trouble keeping my heart rate down, except on the hills. Luckily the girl I was running with on my long runs is slower than me, so it makes for easier long runs to have someone to talk to!