Monday, July 21, 2008

Bad mood, bad night

So last year for big monkey's 3rd birthday I bought the above bouncy for a fun time. We have his birthday parties in the back yard which saves loads of money and I had a coupon and waited for this thing to go on sale (still cost a bunch). Well my wonderful hubby (I am going to try not to do any horrible husband bashing tonight but I have very little wine to relax with at this point) never would get outside and roll the thing up. He is a hard worker and yet so incredibly lazy, we all have our moments. So this bouncy has been outside since last October. Rain, frost, mosquito larvae, mildew, etc. I refused to let him throw it out. So I started to pressure wash it yesterday. It was coming along quite nicely. I just needed to spray some mildew killing chemical on it. Well he decided I needed to do so tonight (after working 10 hours, running 4 miles, making and serving dinner) so it would not kill his precious grass. Okay, start to get it clean. Scrubbed, fought with it, etc. STUCK MY FREAKING FOOT THROUGH THE SEAM!!!!! Right in front of the monkeys it popped. Gone. Kaput.
Little monkey is devastated, it is his favorite thing to do in the world. Big monkey says to go buy another one. Husband is quite happy he finally gets to throw it out. I am pissed.

So horrible fighting insues due to tempers. Unfortunately the husband can not keep it directed to me, so like a momma bear, I get VERY defensive. Both of us said things we should not have. I said his father (step) was a horrible (X4) man and I have no respect for him. This is something I have kept inside since the day after we got married and I found out FIL had told my husband he had a car outside so he could rescue him and to remember he was not marrying my mother. So guess who he has been on the phone with for two hours. Yep, you guessed it. This makes it worse. I have big issues with this man my husband thinks is awesome (whole other post!!).

So, now to figure out if I should just go to the bedroom and read or wait in the living room and stay up all night hashing this thing out. I guess we will see how long I can keep my eyes open. Oh, and even after showering I can still smell mildew and tilex on my skin!!!

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Lacy Rose said...

Ugh I hate the bad nights of being in a relationship.
I am the same way when I fight. I blurt out totally ridiculous things and then feel like such an ass afterwards.
Some things just nag at you though so during an argument is the best time to bring em up.
Does hubs know about the blog??