Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Even Steven

Well I feel much better today. I just finished buying a new dining room table and chairs. I got hooked on ebates from Sasha's website and have been saving money on internet purchases ever since. So today's double earnings site was Overstock and I went to browse.. and ordered this dining room table

And 6 of these chairs, they are olive green

I have been putting off dining room furniture purchasing for a while because I usually have buyer's remorse on big purchases but I know I am going to be SOOO happy when it arrives.. and I saved so much money!!


Anonymous said...

what a nice set. love the color of the chairs.

you sound so much like me it is unbelievable.

aunt sherry

susan said...

i just got a new set as well but i should say the one that you have looks really great! i went shopping at Montgomery Ward and good thing they have 40% off Sitewide so I saved almost $35. I use www.savingswatch.com instead to earn rebates, they offer a much higher cashback there. Its worth checking out!