Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am such a slacker..

I have not gotten much done at all at work the last couple of days. Worse than normal! I am all consumed with figuring out our child care situation, there has been not much else in my head. (Except five million other things that I can worry about tend to pop up too). Am I weird? Don't answer! My mom calls me neurotic. I think I might have to start agreeing with her. I get something stuck in my head have have to organize and reorganize the situation until I am exhausted. Our meeting with the possible nanny is this evening so I am hoping it helps me out. I have been making lists (like 5 dozen) to use for the meeting. Those who know me are not surprised. I am a list maker. I come from a family with a long line of list makers (my dad's side) and we make lists about our lists. I will even make other people lists to keep situations under control, just ask my husband and wonderful friends! There is nothing more satisfying than crossing things off of lists, well vacuuming is right up there with list making. Don't judge me or think I am crazy, well maybe neurotic!!

So here is my list for today:

1. Put lists away until this evening
2. Get two projects finished up by quitting time
3. Run at lunch/break
4. Organize my desk so I can find the above projects (I have lists everywhere!!)

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Lacy Rose said...

Seriously. I never noticed the list thing until you pointed it out.
My mom does it, Bert does it and now I have started lists for the move that isnt happening until August 31st!
I am driving myself and others nuts.
I cant even cross anything off for another 3 weeks or so... do you know how painful this is?!