Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Use the spray

Would it be rude to send out a company wide memo asking people to stop shitting in the bathroom right by my office??!! Or at least use the freaking spray and courtesy flush?!?!?!

We used to have a sign up on the inside of the door explaining the steps of courtesy flushing. Apparently the newbies downstairs are not concerned (what in the hell are they eating?!?!?!).

Thank God I have an extra can of febreeze (I only have 5 left at home from my over the top coupon shopping this weekend!!)!!!


Lacy Rose said...

I think I posted something like this a while back. I feel like people are taking a crap right at my desk. its discusting.

vic said...

Tottally not pleasant. Lock the door from the outside - that'd teach 'em!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Ok, so someone actually takes a shit at work and doesn't flush? WTH?

I always flushed at work (even my pee! I'm so well-mannered), but boy did I hate it when I had to do a double flush at work. If that doesn't announce I just took a HUGE dump, what does?