Saturday, July 19, 2008

I survived..

Well I survived the Friday child swap. It really was not that bad. I thought it was going to be awful after I saw the state the kids and buddy's mom were in Thursday when I picked up! No naps, dirt everywhere (they dug up the back yard), and toys everywhere. She had the rough first day. I got the milder second day I guess. We did an art project, played on the slip and slide, made brownies, and I got them all to nap for two hours at the same time. Yep, all four asleep at the SAME TIME!! I got the bathroom cleaned, kithchen cleaned and a couple of loads of laundry done..and some lunch and two crossword puzzles attempted.
I was pretty proud.

I was pretty tired.

I forgot how bad my back hurt when I carried babies around.

I forgot how to feed a bottle to a baby (I nursed).

I realized how much a baby girl is needed in this house.

So, I am fighting a migraine today... could it be backlash from yesterday? I don't think so. Okay, probably!!


vic said...

You need a baby girl?
I'd like you to stop and think very carefully about that statement and realise exactly what you'd be letting yourself in for.

Lacy Rose said...

awww! You are amazing to get 4 little ones to nap for 2 hours at the same time.

Definitely trophy worthy! )

Connie said...

Way to go Super Mom!!

Sorry about the migraine.