Thursday, July 31, 2008

Insanity Plea

I think I may have just officially lost all common sense. Tomorrow I have the four kids (last week of child swap summer 2008) and I planned on doing a little back to school shopping since it is our tax free weekend. No, that is not the insanity part. A girl I work with is having a problem figuring out what to do with her son (a few weeks younger than little monkey) tomorrow since her mom is really sick and her regular babysitter is out of town. Yep, I did. I offered to let the little booger come over to our house for the ENTIRE day. I felt bad, I know how it feels to try to find people to watch your kids... I have missed many 5Ks because of that. And I would have felt incredibly guilty (yes, I am Catholic) if I had not offered.

I think the kids will have a blast. I hope he enjoys my boys as much as they will enjoy having him.

So at my house tomorrow I will have:

one 6 month old girl who pulls up and crawls already
two 2 1/2 year old boys
two 3 1/2 year old boys

Oh, and the new dining room furniture will be delivered tomorrow!! That will be my saving grace, as well as my run Saturday morning.


Sus said...

oh, so we'll be hearing a nice long post from you this afternoon, right? with all your peace and quiet and down time. :) you are a very good person. i would love to have you next door for child swapping. (altho truth me told this week i was thinking of swapping them out to the mailman.)

Lacy Rose said...

I have an idea. Crayons and the boxes from the furniture (if there is any). This may keep them entertained for a while.

Hoosier Mama said...

Oh boys! I think we must have a lot in common - Hoosier, two boys, love for running, Sus.. I'll have to keep reading your blog to find out more! ThX for commenting! How do you know Susan btw?