Thursday, July 17, 2008

Open your eyes Mommy!!

Today is the first morning of child swap summer 2008. The monkeys are off with their best buddy's mommy at their house. I hope this goes well! Tomorrow they will all four be at home with me. This is of course only temporary until the nanny starts in 2 1/2 weeks.
The sort of sad part was that big monkey was the most excited in the morning that I have seen him in a LONG time!! I usually have to try and dress him while he is still asleep and then bribe him with special treats after school to get him in the van without a cranky moment. And even little monkey, who is usually a pleasant morning person, was excited. I really think that they were just excited not to be going to that school. I usually have to drag them in or pry them off my leg but this morning they hopped into the other van and little monkey said "shut me door" and told buddy's mommy "you dribe". Off they went.
It has not always been this way. They used to be easy to get off to school. No crying in the morning, no bribery. But lately it had gone downhill. I should have figured this out a long time ago. There is yet another mar on my mommy of the year application.
Oh well, all will be well in 2 weeks.

And say a little prayer for me tomorrow!


vic said...

More a reflection on their friends than you - but didn't you know, it's never the parent who's the most exciting person to be with!

Lacy Rose said...

I love little monkey speech. "You dribe."
So cute. So you will have 4 in your house tomorrow?
I suspect another wine post tomorrow night. Thats chaos! ;)

Sus said...

Oh how I need a Child Swap; I just lost my summer sitter. Problem is, all the people I would swap with have 1 kid, making it not exactly even-steven. Must work on this.