Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Run, Run

In November, some girlfriends and I are going to participate in a new racing series called ZOOMA. Some of us are doing the half marathon, and some of us are doing the 5K. It is a women's racing series (though guys are more than welcome) and is going to be set up like a girl's weekend. I am so excited. This will be my first half marathon and this makes me a bit nervous. I was prompted to try this one because of the girl's weekend environment. It is intimidating to have all of those lean running men at the start of the race, the ones you know will finish at about the same time I get to the first mile marker! (Though they can be really nice to look at while you are red faced and huffing away!!) Finishers get a necklace and there are all kinds of fun things set up for after the race (massages, wine tasting, shopping). So if you are anywhere near Atlanta, come on and have some fun while challenging yourself!
It is a great excuse to get those college girlfriends that you have not seen in years all in one place. I have a friend coming down from Indy, it is going to be great.
My other good friend has let me sucker her into running agreed to start training to run her first 5K, and she will be the first to admit she is no runner! I am so proud of her.
My mom and her walking buddies are signing up to walk the 5K, and my boys are going to run the kid's run, so there is fun for all!

If you do decide to join us, you can get $10 off the registration fee for the half (enter HREFERRAL08) and $5 off the 5K fee (enter: 5REFERRAL08). But this expires tomorrow.

Lace up those shoes!


clittlej said...

I think "let me sucker her into running" was the correct way to phrase it!!!!

vic said...

Would love to join you but will be nowhere near Atlanta and I don't 'do' running. Damn, what excuses!