Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This morning, on the way to school, big monkey told me that he wanted to live at his buddy's house (crushed mommy heart here). So I asked him if he would miss mommy and he said that I should live there too. It would be both monkeys and mommy. So I asked where would we fit?
Big Monkey's Answer "little monkey and me would sleep with buddy, you can sleep in the middle with buddy's parents".

I laughed the rest of the way to school and am still chuckling about it off and on, he was totally serious. I did not even try to ask where daddy would be.

Soccer evaluations went well last night, he was quite a natural (my very unbiased opinion). Little monkey was so sad, started crying about half way home because he realized he did not get to play!! We stopped for a milkshake.

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