Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Redneck Riviera

So as of last night, we have hired a nanny!! Yippee. I am so excited and I can't wait until our start date in a couple of weeks.

My husband cracked me up last night. He told us all that we are the epitome of redneck posh people! I sort of understand where he is coming from. We have hired a nanny but we are doing a nanny share system. Basically two families using one nanny and alternating between houses. So if I wanted to, I could be all hoity toity and say "yes, I have a nanny", but deep down inside I live in a rednecky world with my shared nanny!!
I don't care, I love that the boys will have more one on one time with a highly qualified person and the comfort of their homes and lovely field trips. It makes my heart smile.

They did make fun of me when I brought up the issue of how my house looks when I get home. I thought it was important to be straight forward right away and explain that I did not want to come home to complete chaos. She understood and realizes my neurotic issues!!


Sus said...

just saw the sex and the city movie last night - your shared nanny is like carrie's assistant's rented purses. love it.
linked over from playgroups are no place for children. will be back!

vic said...

Me too - you've got me hooked already!
Shared nannies are a great idea if you find the right family to share with - kids need interaction with other kids and will learn valuable lessons and grow much more in an arrangement like this than they would on their own.