Friday, July 11, 2008

Wine, Wine, and more Wine

Okay, I have had my wonderful bath and a half bottle of Trader Joe's Wine so now I can blog with a level head?!!? You can not beat a good wine for less than $3 a bottle (too bad I have to smuggle it across state lines from where my parents live!!) It comes in all varieties and is great.

Well, since I get Fridays off of work (I think I mentioned I work 4 ten hour days to do this), I usually make big plans with the monkeys. Today was grocery shopping in the morning, cleaning the bathroom and then whatever the little guys wanted to do (hoping for swimming). Turned out ALL wrong.
Let me start at the beginning...
My list of stressful things:
1. Big monkey has been a royal terror lately, throwing fits, yelling and not listening to anyone. This is a rare occurrence and usually only happens when he is having some stress in his life. So I have to figure this one out.
2. Figured out that the stress he is feeling is due to serious issues at the school. We pay a hefty price to attend a Montessori school. Well just recently all of the Montessori trained teachers have bailed.. so what in the heck are we paying for? Teachers that the children know they can walk all over.
3. New stress is finding another school for the next year until they transfer to their small quaint Catholic preschool.

So we spent the day going to different schools/daycares checking them out. The first one I went to told me "we learn them lots of stuff to git ready for Kindygarden" REALLY I AM NOT JOKING!!!! So they are off my list quickly. The other one was like a little prison and made me sad to be there. I am going to look at a La Petite Monday during my break.. anyone have any experience with this school?
One problem is that most have a year or longer waiting lists. And I have to find one with room for my boys (2 and 3) and our friends' kids (6 mos and 3). Package deal since the 3 year olds have been best buddies since 3 months old (they even call each other buddy).
The rest of the day we did the grocery shopping (oh how I love SuperTarget). The boys were pretty good (bribery) there. But we also went to CVS because I am determined to be a smart CVS shopper and I had the crappiest service. One of the two 60 year old men working there made it a point to tell me that little monkey could easily fall out of the shopping cart he was standing in.. no way man, never would have guessed that. The other 60 year old man was at the register and refused to say a word to me. So I let the monkeys "rearrange" the candy section!! But I did make out well at both CVS (got $45 worth of stuff for $12) and SuperTarget (saved nearly $50 with coupons!). So that made the day better.

Thanks for letting me vent! Now to finish the bottle...


Lacy Rose said...

Oooh you are doing the CVS thing. I have the card and I am determinted to get in on the action. I just have to get motivated and write out a plan. This coupon business is serious stuff! haha

Hey what is this Trader Joes that I see alot of people talking about?

Anonymous said...

SuperTarget? REALLY? We don't have anything called that, but all of our Targets in my area of California are like, GIGANTOR big.

I also happen to prefer CVS but to find one where I am takes some work.

THe wine you have displayed in thsi post has become a favourite of my family... called Two-Buck CHuck!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

OMG, you are a lover of two-buck Chucks too? We MUST talk! Or meet at a coffee shop so I can pretend I'm a real writer or something.

Both of my boys went to a local preschool in our town and I loved it. It's only part-time though, so not sure if it's what you need. Email me and I'll tell you the name if you're interested. Great people and teachers with proper grammar, I promise.