Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Last day of school

Well today is the last day at their current school for the monkeys. They were so excited this morning when I told them. Little monkey did not even cry when we turned on the street that the school is on (lately he has been screaming bloody murder which is really annoying sad). Thursday and Friday are still part of the summer kid swap 2008, but then Monday the new nanny starts up. I am very excited and have so many ideas running through my head. I really just need to take a step back and let her do what she has been trained to do! You would think I was the nanny.

I am having some anxiety about this being the monkeys' last day at their school. I have this sad feeling about it all. It makes me want to cry. Yesterday I felt really bad because little monkey's teachers were telling me how much they were going to miss him and making me fib promise to bring him back to visit. I think it really stems from the fact that I grew up as an ARMY brat (dad did 30+ years in the ARMY - HOOYAH!). So we moved all of the time. I did not deal with it well. I was a BRAT to my poor mom. I remember my junior year in high school, coming home for lunch on the first day in a new school and sobbing into my macaroni and cheese. (Of course 3 weeks later I was doing better until my backstabbing cousin made up rumors that I was on drugs - no I was not).

Even mention moving to me right now and my stomach gets into knots. I guess you could say I was/am shy. I just need a little while to warm up to people and then I do just fine. I am not a wall flower but I am not one to walk up to someone I don't know and start up a conversation. I am very pleased when someone starts a conversation with me (unless you catch me at the wrong time!!). This is one of my hesitations for assistant coaching big monkey's soccer team. I have gotten much better with this as the years have passed. I still have the anxiety and every once in a while will catch myself choking over words with someone new, but I push on and make myself do things I normally would not do. This has become sort of a necessity in the south since everyone talks to everyone!!

I know that this nanny move is the best thing for us right now and will be a great experience for the kids. I just have to get over my childhood trauma of moving every 2 years or less. There were many positives to moving so much. I have seen so much of the world and have an eclectic crew of great friends from the places I have lived. And my family had some great quality family time while I was growing up, making us even closer today.


Sherry said...

Your little monkeys are very luck to have such a great mother!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Good luck with your new nanny starting. I hope the last day of school goes well for you!

Lacy Rose said...

The little monkeys are going to love being with the nanny!
Dont let those teachers get in your head. They are seeing $dollar signs. ;)