Thursday, July 10, 2008

When did it rain?!

I woke up at 4 AM hearing the big monkey walking into walls and calling for me. I realized then that the power must have gone out and was praying for it to only be 1 or 2 am so I could get back to sleep. NOPE!! I got my watch and looked twice and there it was, 4 in the morning. Crap! I get up at 5 so why bother going back to sleep. I crawled in bed next to the monkeys and tried to catch a few more minutes. HA Pretty much just got up and got into the shower. Luckily my kids are obsessed with flashlights, so we have tons of them all over the house. Unfortunately, my kids are obsessed with flashlights, so most of them have low battery issues!! But we made it out of the house.

Here is big monkey with his headlight flashlight that his granddad got him for Christmas to find Santa. Love the outfit, don't you!?

So it turns out it poured this morning and lightening struck a transmitter or something. The power was on ten minutes after I left the house.


Lacy Rose said...

I love that picture of Joey! The boots are just the perfect finishing touch.

I am very happy to see that it was Joey in this picture instead of Jason. Now wouldnt that be a pic to show off to the internets world? LOL.

Sasha said...

I bet it was a transformer.... (being that I work in the industry!)

So funny with the headlight! P needs one of those!